Control Services S.R.L.

 SAPEI Control Service is a company that has experienced inspectors in the control of movement / charge / discharge of oil / chemical / oil / cereals / oilseeds and their derivatives.



 Obtain the client reliability on our operation and prevent that our clients are economically impaired. Minimizing the loss risk. Verifying that purchase / sale specifications are complied through continuous monitoring. During the products movement, keep our clients permanently  informed, in real time so that they can intervene whenever their interests are affected.


 Protect the interests of our clients  with: Professionalism, Efficiency, Promptness, Good Prices and important benefits.





 The acquaintend experience allows us to develop our activity wherever the clients require.

Provide the means to:

 Determine the quality during the operation. Check once it is finished that the weight determination by the terminal is correct.

Our way of thinking

{Guarantee our services}.

 Because of the existent competition between the different control companies ( competition that does not always imply a better service, as its aim is to reduce prices ), it is clear that these reductions to compete cause a direct cost reduction These cost affect the operation ( loading / unloading place ) as a reduced number of people who lack of experience is sent to supervise the operation. This causes that thing are left alone, as companies with a reduced number of people cannot  control 100% of the product to be certified. This situation could cause the personnel to make voluntary or involuntary mistakes as they are available for the companies all the time and they are not paid in base of the interests they protect. These mistakes are a prejudice for FOB buyers and / or correct. For this reason, we think that with a permanent monitoring in the operations place of the control company performance, the visual condition of the product and the loading and unloading operation, we can provide our clients with the necessary means to check that the determined weight and the certification issued by the control company are correct. 


The problems detected on time help to prevent the expenditure or the loss of important amounts of money.

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