Health and Safety

our commitment:

 It has a systematic approach to management of Health, Safety and Environment, designed to ensure compliance with the law and achieve continual improvement of its performance.
 Conduct their activities to protect their staff, customers, suppliers and others of the dangers and health risks.
 Promote an awareness of safe practices, believing that all accidents can be avoided and promote individual responsibility for preventing accidents.
 Conduct a thorough investigation of all incidents and near misses of Health, Safety and Environment that may have significant consequences, or potential as well as the realization of the corresponding reports.
 Set goals for improvement, making the necessary mediations, evaluation and corresponding reports.
 Require contractors the management of Health, Safety and Environment in line with this policy.
 Require ventures under its operational control the implementation of this policy and use their influence to promote it in other ventures.
 Include staff performance in Health, Safety and Environment for review and proceed accordingly rewarded.